Real Estate Consulting

We manage the leased or owned Real Estate portfolios across different types of assets and geographies amidst ever-changing business needs and market fluctuations – currently more challenging and complex than ever.

Our customers constantly need long-term strategies and consulting services in order to support their business objectives, reducing costs and increasing investment decision-making flexibility.

By virtue, our Real Estate Consultancy Division offers prime strategic consultancy services in order to define the best performances of every real estate portfolio.

Portfolio Analysis

Based on years of experience and full-knowledge in the Real Estate sector, we have specialized in all types of properties.

We analyze market factors in order to identify trends in advance, discovering new opportunities and risks proactively, effectively, quickly, and efficiently.

Based on this, we are able to offer excellent risk adjusted returns on the invested capital.

We assist our clients in the acquisition and sale of strategic real estate assets with the objective to take advantage of every opportunity to the fullest and create value.

Additionally, we offer innovative financial solutions, strategic financing consultancy and transaction support.

Investment Advisory

KReal Advisory is an independent Investment Advisory company focused on the Real Estate sector born from the collaboration of sector experts.

Through the analysis of the most liquid, national and international urban contexts, KReal identifies operations aimed at the enhancement / repositioning of commercial, residential and logistics assets with the best risk-adjusted return.

The team’s experience and skills allow the identification of the best operational and strategic solutions for the maximum enhancement of individual assets and / or portfolio.

Furthermore, the team directs the capital of various institutional, private and family office investors in order to identify and develop opportunistic, short-term and high-yield real estate transactions (distressed and special situations).

The network created by the members of the team allows the identification of off-market investment opportunities which are subjected to in-depth due diligence, risk analysis, technical-evaluation and liquidity requirements and subsequently proposed to our customers and potential investors through structures of ad-hoc investment.

In fact, our team has extensive experience in the organization of corporate structures and SPVs, and is able to support customers in the complex process of structuring corporate vehicles, ensuring the maximization of returns and operational efficiency

Valuations Services

We offer comprehensive Real Estate valuation services, with reference to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our valuation services range from the valuation phase of new investments, to the management and revaluation of the existing portfolio, in compliance with the International Valuation Standards.