Short-term, high-yield transactions.

KReal Advisory advises clients on a range of Real Estate strategies implemented to optimize capital, with a focus on investment decisions.

Through our collaborative and integrated approach, clients take advantage of our market expertise and network to provide strategic planning to achieve the goal.

Among the services we offer is Real Estate Flipping.

Born in the United States but now developed in Italy, the real estate flipping is carried out through three distinct processes: a first phase in which the purchase of the property is verified at a more advantageous price than the market, an intermediate phase in which they are established, planned and budgeted all the work and changes necessary for a revaluation of the property, and finally the closing phase which provides for the sale of the property to the best conditions offered by the market and then allow the maximization of profit for the customer.

Our goal is to invest in short-term deals so that the investor is guaranteed a return of capital within 12 months.

Our consultants carry out each phase of the transaction: first, an analysis of the territory and market trends is carried out, then the undervalued or brownfield asset is identified, and finally, a team of specialists realises the project.

KReal Advisory provides an analysis and development of the profit and loss account and a specific timeline of the transaction:

realisation costs and timeframes are established, and interventions are evaluated and calibrated so that renovation costs are optimised while maintaining an “excellent” quality standard, significantly reducing the time required to realise the operation and close the works. 

Operations assessed by our Advisory Team usually generate a ROI of around 30% and have a very short implementation cycle of around 9/12 months.

The Advisory Team prepares the Profit and Loss Account 

The development macro-costs are indicated (purchase, charges, cost of works, professionals, marketing and advertising) and the market and micro-market situation specific to the area of the operation is made explicit, in order to be able to estimate the sales situation at the conclusion of the works in the most plausible manner and thus hypothesise the expected revenues as accurately as possible.

The properties being invested in are mainly leased in the Milan area.